Academic Support Services for Student-Athletes

Academic Support Services for Student-Athletes

The University of Maine is committed to offering a comprehensive academic support program in conjunction with other UMaine resources which can assist student-athletes in succeeding in their studies. Athletic academic counselors are responsible for overseeing the educational development and progress towards graduation for all student-athletes. The staff acts as a liaison between the student-athlete, coach and the academic communities to ensure that student-athletes comply with academic rules established by the University and the NCAA.

Academic Center Hours
Sunday-Friday 7:00am-11:00pm

Academic Center

In addition to several computer clusters available to all UMaine Students, student-athletes have exclusive use of computers in the Academic Center. Located in the Memorial Gym, computers in this facility are networked to the Fogler Library, campus intranet, and the Internet. This monitored study center is open at accommodating hours to fill the needs of student-athletes' hectic schedules. Student-athletes take advantage by utilizing the Academic Center for obtaining required study table hours. In addition, ten new laptop computers are available to student-athletes to use when traveling to athletic competitions. 

Programs & Services

Academic Counseling, Planning & Monitoring Each of the 17 intercollegiate sports at the University of Maine is assigned an Athletic Academic Counselor whose main responsibility is to oversee the academic progress of the student-athletes they supervise. Academic Counselors provide a variety of direct academic support services in addition to helping student-athletes access the numerous academic resources available through the University itself. Student-athletes will be required to meet with their academic counselor as scheduled throughout their career at the University of Maine to discuss their academic goals and plans. Your assigned academic counselor will monitor your academic progress to ensure academic success in your chosen degree program. To enhance knowledge of progress throughout the semester, academic progress reports are sent to course instructors twice each semester. In addition, student-athletes will report grades weekly to their assigned team counselor and receive information regarding their status in meeting Maine and NCAA academic requirements.

Tutoring and Mentoring 
Athletic Tutoring

Without question, academic success is a priority of the faculty, staff, and students at the University of Maine. It is for this reason that Academic Support Services for Student-Athletes provides free tutoring services for our student-athletes.

  • The purpose of the Athletic tutoring program is to provide academic assistance to student-athletes who are experiencing or anticipating difficulty in a course that may be needed as a requirement for their major. The primary objective is to assist the student-athlete beyond the expected educational practices (note-taking, staying current with the assigned reading, completing homework, class attendance, class participation, and preparing for class assessments) that are critical for academic success.
  • Athletic Tutors meet student-athletes once or twice weekly to review course material, answer questions, and prepare for upcoming exams. Tutors also promote the development of study skills and organization. Both small group and one-on-one tutoring allows students to have a working relationship with a tutor which is consistent, regular and comprehensive.
  • It is strongly encouraged for student-athletes who are anticipating having difficulty in a course to request a tutor early in the semester before it is too late! Our statistics show that student-athletes who begin tutoring prior to the first exam in a course are more likely to have a more positive outcome. If you are struggling with a course and feel you need additional help, please see your Academic Counselor as soon as possible to fill out a "Tutor Request Form."

"The Tutor Program"
The "Tutor Program" on campus also provides free tutors for all Maine students who need academic assistance in 100 & 200 level courses. Student-athletes are encouraged to utilize this service for one class and then pursue other academic assistance options for other classes. For more information on the "Tutor" program at Maine click here.

Academic Challenges
The Office of Disability Support Services on campus facilitates the education of any UMaine student with a diagnosed physical orlearning challenge by providing a point of accommodation and services to enhance success. In collaboration with these services, student-athletes receive additional support through the Academic Support services Any questions or concerns regarding an existing or possible challenge,may be directed to the support staff or Disability Support Services located in the East Annex Building (phone#207 581-2319). If you have documentation that diagnoses a learning or physical challenge, including ADHD, please contact the staff as soon as possible. For more information on services for students with disabilities

Study Hall
An organized study hall has been established for those student-athletes with required hours. Study hall is an organized, monitored study program that is based on the athlete's individual needs. The amount of time required is determined by the student-athlete's coaches and Academic Support staff. As student-athletes make progress in their coursework, the amount of the time required may be decreased or eliminated, but are still encouraged to continue to attend.

Alternative Study Hour Requirements - Student-athletes may attend tutoring, mentoring, review/extra credit sessions with professors as approved by Academic Support Staff for required study hour requirements. Alternative study hour forms are available from the Academic Support Staff. More information regarding Alternative study hours will be sent to you at the beginning of each semester via First Class email.

Academic Achievement

In addition to the many University conference and national honors, each spring the athletic department honors UMaine's Scholar-Athletes. A reception and ceremony is held at which those student-athletes earning a 3.0 minimum GPA are acknowledged and presented with bronze, silver and gold medallions, each representing the number of years that a recipient has earned the award. In addition, first-year student-athletes who earn a 3.0 or better GPA in their first semester at the University of Maine will be recognized as *Rising Stars.* All award recipients are publicly recognized during halftime of a UMaine Basketball game later that same day.

2014-15 Academic Highlights
The following is the 2014-15 Academic Highlight report the looks at all the accomplishments in the classroom over the past year. Click here to access the report. 

Academic Support Staff

Ann Maxim, M.Ed.


277 Memorial Gym



Cristina Kerluke

Assistant Director and Tutor Coordinator

278 Memorial Gym



Lauren Eddy

Athletic Academic Counselor 

272 Memorial Gym



Olivia McMillen

Athletic Academic Counselor

274 Memorial Gym



Linda Cappuccio

Administrative Specialist

581-1845 or 581-2267

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