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Hello! My name is Melinda Kenny and I am the Head Cheerleading Coach for the University of Maine, Orono.

In 2015, tryouts are on Saturday, May 2 from 9am - noon and Sunday, May 3 from 9am - noon. Both days of tryouts are required

as you will be learning the material on the first day and having the judged tryout on Sunday. You will be trying out in small groups so it is extremely important that you are at both.


Below is information regarding videotaped tryout instructions and our live tryouts. Please make sure to thoroughly look over the information provided to clarify our tryout process.

In order to participate as a UMaine Cheerleader, you must be at least a part-time student taking at least 9 credits on the Orono Campus. You do not have to be enrolled at the time of tryouts!



All those trying out should wear appropriate workout gear. Please use black shorts and a white shirt and other gear as appropriate.




All videotapes will be reviewed and considered upon arrival. Please send your video to either or


Your video tryout needs to include the following:

1. A sideline Chant

2. 2 advanced jumps (double toe- touch and a pike) - non spring floor

3. 2 advanced stunts (i.e. - liberty, heel stretch, bow-n-arrow, arabesque, etc.)

4. Standing Backhandspring

5. Standing toe-touch backhandspring

6. Standing tuck

7. Standing backhandspring/tuck

8. running tumbling pass (most advanced that you have) - show all tumbling on

non-spring floor if possible.

9. Optional basket toss

10. Dance (4-5, 8 counts)




Please make sure that it is clear who is trying out on the video. For example, if there is an all women stunt group, you should be the only one wearing black shorts, a white shirt, and any other appropriate workout gear. Everyone else should be dressed differently. Please do not send any other extra material on your video including clips of any past performances. Also, please do not send any spring floor material, as we do not compete on a spring floor at nationals.



If you plan to attend our live tryout, please notify me at least one week prior to tryouts (May 2nd - 3rd, 2015), so we can plan accordingly. Once again, tryouts will be held on Saturday, May 2nd from 9am - noon and Sunday, May 3rd from 9am - noon. We will

have a team meeting after tryouts for those that make the team. (If trying out by video, you will not be required to be at this meeting, but all information will be sent to you). The tryout location will be in the New Balance Fieldhouse, located within the

Memorial Gym on the Orono Campus. I appreciate your interest in our nationally ranked program. If you have any questions

do not hesitate to email me at or Good luck to everyone and I look forward to seeing you at tryouts or viewing your video tryout!



Thank you,

Melinda Kenny

UMaine Cheerleading Coach 


Is the University of Maine Cheerleading Program a Competitive Squad?

YES - UMaine competes annually at the NCA College Nationals in Daytona Beach, Florida.


Is this competition funded by the University?

NO - Although the University supports the cheerleaders endeavors to attend the National Cheerleading Competition annually, funding for this trip comes from the individual squad members. The cost of the trip per squad member is $1500.00. We provide several opportunities to fund-raise throughout the season, including summertime.


Is the squad all-female or Coed?

This can change from year-to-year (even season-to-season) depending on the interest and talent level at tryouts.


Does the Cheerleading Program offer scholarships?



What other sports teams do the cheerleaders support?

The cheerleaders cheer at all home football games, as well as home men’s & women’s basketball games.


When are tryouts held?

We have two separate tryouts throughout the year:

1st Tryout: Held in late April or early May. This tryout is for the Fall season - football cheering.

This years 2015 Football Squad Tryouts will be held on Saturday, May 2nd and Sunday, May 3rd.

Both days, tryouts will be held on the Orono campus in the New Balance Fieldhouse located within the Memorial Gym.

2nd Tryout: Held in late October or early November. This tryout is for Winter season - basketball/competitive squad.


If I have any further questions, how do I reach the Coach?

Coach Melinda Kenny phone: 207-944-7833

Email address: or 

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