University of Maine Student-Athlete Advisory Committee

The goals of the University of Maine Student-Athlete Advisory Committee are:

1. To streamline and promote efficient communication between the Athletic Department Administration and the student-athlete population.
2. To provide the student-athlete population with an opportunity to voice their opinions and suggestions from the board in order to effectively communicate with the Athletic Administration on issues and programs within the department.
3. To actively encourage more involvement of the student-athletes in campus and community projects in order to enhance the perception of the student-athlete.
4. To design and implement programs which recognizes and acknowledges the needs and accomplishments of the student-athlete body.


Click here to see a full copy of the bylaws of the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee


2011-12 SAAC Members

Jimmy Reed - Men's Track and Field  - Co-President

Kylie Smith - Men's Ice Hockey - Co-President

Jean Stevens - Softball - Secretary

Alex Calbick - Baseball

Mike Connelly - Baseball

Zoe Adkins - Field Hockey

Holly Stewart - Field Hockey

Rebecca Parradee - Field Hockey

Marcus Wasilewski - Football

Alasdair Fraser - Men's Basketball

Mike Cornell - Men's Ice Hockey

Brice O'Connor - Men's Ice Hockey

Brian Fahey - Men's Swim

Cody Lachance - Men's Swim

Robert Bickford - Men's Swim

Taylor Phillips - Men's Track/CC

Kelton Cullenberg - Men's Track/CC

Dagmar Ralphs - Softball

Rachele Burns - Women's Basketball

Corinne Wellington - Women's Basketball

Kalya Kaluzny - Women's Ice Hockey

Brittany Ott - Women's Ice Hockey

Meg Price-Leibenzeder - Women's Soccer

Maddie Hill - Women's Soccer

Jen Trodden - Women's Swim

Kara Dubiel - Women's Swim

Monique Boutin - Women's Track/CC

Rachel Wilkinson - Women's Track/CC


Battle of the Bears All teams will compete against each other in each of the 5 commitment areas of the NCAA Student-Athlete Affairs program: Academic Achievement, Athletic Achievement, Personal Development, Career Development and Commitment to Service. Teams will be awarded points based on their success and participation in each of those 5 areas as well as participating in the “Bears for Bears” area. Points will be awarded throughout the year and totaled in July when the final grades are released. Scoreboards will be outside Brandi’s office, the athletic training room and SAAC’s facebook page. The male and female team with the most points at the end of the year will win the Battle of the Bears Cup and $1,000.


How to earn points:

Academic Achievement • The team with the highest GPA for the '07-'08 school year will be awarded 200 points. The remaining teams will be ranked in order from highest GPA to lowest GPA and will be awarded 180 - 10 points • Teams will also be awarded points for the % of the team that is honored for being a scholar athlete/rising star. o If 58% of the women's soccer team are scholar athletes than they will earn 58 points


Athletic Achievement* Points will be awarded as follows: Winning Percentage: % = points Conference Tournament Runner Up: 50 points Conference Tournament Champions: 75 points NCAA Tournament Participation: 100 points *Points for swimming & diving and track & field will be awarded differently, but will still have the ability to earn the same amount of points for Athletic Achievement.


Personal Development Teams will be awarded points based on attendance at the alcohol and drug education speaker on September 18th. - If 93% of the men's ice hockey team attends then they will earn 93 points.


Career Development Teams will be awarded points based on attendance at the Competitive Resource Group presentation on January 28th - If 88% of the softball team attends then they will earn 88 points. - Teams will also have the opportunity to earn extra points by registering for the eRecruiting program with the Career Center. Each student-athlete that registers will earn 5 points for his/her team.


Commitment to Service Teams are asked to participate in at least 1 community service project each semester. Teams will earn points by the % of the team that participates. - 100% of the football team greeted troops at the Bangor International Airport, they will earn 100 points - SAAC representatives will also have the opportunity to earn extra points for their teams by attending meetings (5 points/each meeting) and participating in SAAC sponsored events.


Bears for Bears Each team will pick 1 Pride game on their schedule - other teams will be encouraged to go to that Pride game and will earn points based on the % of team in attendance. Pride games will be coordinated through your SAAC reps and you will have to sign in at the game in order to be counted for your team.


Team Citizenship Award The student athlete advisory committee created the Black Bear Citizenship Award in 2008 to honor the team who has demonstrated the strongest commitment to service and who has displayed exemplary character throughout the year, both on and off the
field of competition.  The number of team community outreach events along with minimal code of conduct violations are major criteria for determining the award and is voted on by the student-athlete advisory committee.


Past Winners:

2010-2011 - Women's Basketball

2009-2010 - Women's Ice Hockey

2008-2009 - Women's Ice Hockey



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